Selection of early music from EMA Members

[My] Roben to the Greense-Woode GoneSumarte, RichardDr. Phillip W. Serna2:28
Trio Sonata in C MajorGraun, C. H.Musicians of the Old Post Road3:42
Allegro moderato from Sonata BWV 1027Bach J SRudolf Senn Violone Wouter van Belle Organ3:31
In NomineJohn BullFrances Conover Fitch0:45
Sonata Op. 5 #12 in d minor "La Folia"Corelli, Arcangelo (1653-1713)Music of the Spheres10:23
Fancy # 73Dowland, JohnJaroslaw Lipski3:02
The Self Banished Dr. John BlowPurcell, HenrySteven Rickards/Echoing Air2:54
Trio Sonata No.1 BWV 525Bach, J.S.Sarah Holland9:55
Sonata in C Major, Op. 2, No. 3, ii. AllegroJean-Marie LeclairNew Comma Baroque1:54
Full fathom fiveRobert JohnsonChicago Early Music Consort1:36