Consort Laurentia


Instruments Played
Cello, Viola da Gamba, Lute, Theorbo, Guitar, Soprano(voice)

Current Performance Ensembles
Peggy Bélanger
Michel Angers

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«Divine music, heavenly voice!»

Eduardo Torrico, Revista Diverdi (Spain)

Consort Laurentia is dedicated to the interpretation and promotion of early music. The Consort revives this music as authentically as possible in regard to its era of origin. By the exploration of new repertoires and deep research into original treatises and historical documents, Laurentia discovers new musical horizons.

Mostly in small ensemble, Laurentia offers concerts of arias and instrumental music from the Baroque era imprinted of a moving sensitivity. The intimate and generous nature of staging allows close contact between artists and the public.

Scholars of the prestigious Fondazione Marco Fodella, Peggy Bélanger (soprano) and Michel Angers (theorbo, lute and baroque guitar) have specialized in early music in Milan, Italy. The duo is very active on the international music scene, mainly in France and Italy, where their performances generate enthusiasm and public praise. Laurentia, bringing the musical sophistication at its highest level, provides musical performances characterized by a staging, an energy and gestures that go beyond the context of recital.

 Consort Baroque Laurentia is a recording ensemble for renowned Italian label Stradivarius.


«The performances by Canadian soprano Peggy Bélanger and her colleague Michel Angers are excellent.»

Bertil van Boer, Fanfare Magazine




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