Bonime, Stephen


Instruments Played
Guitar, Countertenor, Tenor, Conductor

Current Performance Ensembles
Director of MUSIC DIVINE

Personal Summary / Bio

   Steve first encountered Renaissance music during the summer before he entered college.    As a Haverford undergraduate in 1963, he co-founded and began co-directing the Renaissance Choir of Haverford & Bryn Mawr Colleges (which still exists and performs regularly in the Philadelphia area) with Alex Blachly, now director of Pomerium Musices.  Steve resumed direction of the Renaissance Choir 1970-73 while a grad student at Bryn Mawr College, where he earned his master's (1972) and doctorate (1975) in Music History.   Since then Steve has conducted the Renaissance Chorus of New York, Vassar College Madrigal Singers, Canby Singers, Polyhymnia, and New York Madrigal Singers. In most of them, and in many other choruses, he has also sung tenor and countertenor.   He has been directing Music Divine since founding it in 2005.



Professional Performer or Semi-Pro Performer, Teacher/Professor, Early Music Administrator (agent, presenter, director), Publisher/Editor/Writer

My Music

TitleComposerPerformer/EnsembleUpload DateLengthPlayDownload
Missa Une Mousse de Biscaye: KyrieJosquin DesprezMusic DivineDec 11 20104:04