The Suspicious Cheese Lords

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The Suspicious Cheese Lords broaden the global repertoire and listenership of choral music by unearthing forgotten works, breathing new life into familiar pieces, and supporting emerging composers. Specializing in early music, this unique brotherhood's concerts, liturgies, recordings, and educational programs provide a scholarly yet accessible interpretation of music of all eras, inspiring fans and future musicians alike.  



Professional Performer or Semi-Pro Performer, Ensemble, Orchestra/Chorus/Opera Company

My Music

TitleComposerPerformer/EnsembleUpload DateLengthPlayDownload
Alleluia noli flere MariaMouton, JeanThe Suspicious Cheese LordsJul 20 20103:34
Virgo prudentissima/Fortuna desperataSenfl, LudwigThe Suspicious Cheese LordsJul 20 20102:27
Gabriel AngelusCarpentras, Elzear GenetThe Suspicious Cheese LordsJul 20 20102:44

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