Lazar, Bill

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In addition to being an enthusiastic amateur player of recorders, shawms, dulcian and viola da gamba, I own an early music shop.

We sell Roland Classic keyboards, including harpsichord; Moeck, Mollenhauer, Küng, Yamaha, Paetzold Square bass, Ehlert & Wenner handmade  recorders (& Baroque flutes); Cíp gemshorns & other early winds; optimized crumhorns, Wendy Gillespie (Lu-Mi) & Charlie Ogle Chinese viols, Baroque strings and bows; Chris English viol & Baroque bows; Puchalski vielles; used instruments; music and accessories. Keys added, necks bent (painless). Personal service and advice. Instruments gladly sent on approval. Very competitive prices.



Professional Performer or Semi-Pro Performer, Amateur Performer, Instrument Maker or Merchant, Merchant

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425 N. Whisman Rd. Suite 200
Mountain View, CA, 94043
United States
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