EMA Publishes Summer 2010 issue of Early Music America magazine

1 Jun 2010

(SEATTLE, WA) Early Music America has published the Summer 2010 issue of its quarterly publication, Early Music America magazine. Call 1-888-SACKBUT or email info@earlymusic.org now to request a complimentary copy.


Monteverdi’s Vespers of 1610: 400 Years and 15 Recordings
Craig Zeichner provides a glimpse into the creation of Vespers, offers reflections from current artistic directors and scholars, and recommends selected recordings of Monteverdi’s great masterpiece.

Excerpt: “None of his other works, even the masterpieces, have the same overwhelming display of imagination and sheer brilliance.”

An Afternoon with Hopkinson Smith
In an interview conducted by Theodore Diehl, Hopkinson Smith, the New York-born, Harvard educated lutenist discusses influences on his playing and his peripatetic overseas career.

Excerpt: “For lutenists, sound is not a commodity; it is sensitivity. One has to, or better said, I have to, continually research and refresh the sense of touch on the instrument, always going deeper and deeper into the sound.”

The Virtual Haydn
Sylvia Berry reports on how early keyboard specialist Tom Beghin brought together seven instruments, nine rooms, four instrument builders, a renowned recording engineer and a “virtual acoustics architect” to re-create the sound world of Franz Joseph Haydn.

Excerpt: “Beghin was able not only to use newly-built replicas of seven keyboard instruments that reflected more closely than ever before the wealth of instruments known to Haydn and those who played his music but to record them ‘in’ spaces that are either directly associated with Haydn or are very like spaces that he and his players would have known.”

Also in this issue:
Profile: Plaine & Easie by Patricia Herlevi
Chicago Early Music Festival by Maria Coldwell

Plus Recording Reviews, Book Reviews, and Sound Bytes (news from the field).

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