Early Music America Announces Scholarship Award Winners

17 May 2010

(SEATTLE, WA) Early Music America, the national service organization for the field of early music, announces the winners of its 2010 scholarships.

Early Music America is presenting scholarships to seven outstanding students so that they can attend summer early music workshops and receive advanced training in the field of early music. This year’s winners are Liliana Castelblanco, voice, a graduate student at the Peabody Conservatory, who will attend Amherst Early Music; Laura Cleveland, Baroque dance, an undergraduate at Portland State University, who will attend Amherst Early Music; Caitlin Dawson, oboe, an undergraduate at Case Western Reserve University, who will attend the International Baroque Institute at the Longy School of Music; Lucy Fitz Gibbon, voice, an undergraduate at Yale, who will attend Early Music Vancouver; Ariana Mason, gamba, an undergraduate at Oberlin, who will attend the Madison Early Music Workshop; Maria Jose Romero, violin, a graduate student at the University of North Texas, who will attend both the American Bach Soloists Academy and the Oberlin Baroque Performance Institute; and Robert Warner, harpsichord, a graduate student at SUNY Stony Brook, who will attend the American Bach Soloists Academy.

In the event that any of the winners cannot attend a workshop this summer, three alternates have been named: Kelly Ballou, voice, a graduate student at the University of Cincinnati; Andrew Fuchs, voice, a graduate student at SUNY Stony Brook; and Adam Jaffe, harpsichord, a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon.

Contact: Maria Coldwell, Executive Director
(206) 720-6270 or 888-SACKBUT

About Early Music America
Early Music America serves and strengthens the early music community in North America and raises public awareness of early music. EMA was founded in 1985 and provides its 3,000 members with publications, advocacy, and technical support. EMA publishes the quarterly magazine Early Music America. “Early music” includes western music from the Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical periods, performed on period instruments in historically-informed styles. For more information, contact Early Music America at 206-720-6270 or 888-SACKBUT, or visit our web site at www.earlymusic.org