EMA Publishes Spring 2010 issue of Early Music America magazine

25 Feb 2010 (SEATTLE, WA) Early Music America has published the Spring 2010 issue of its quarterly publication, Early Music America magazine.  Call 1-888-SACKBUT or email info@earlymusic.org now to request a complimentary copy.


Brahms, the Horn and History
Technological advances during the industrial revolution in the 19th century revealed a conflict between the old and new. Bernard Sherman explores the context (and resulting conflicts) in which Johannes Brahms longed to preserve the use of the valveless horn, or waldhorn, in his works as the instrument went through technical advances.

Excerpt: “For a modern music-lover, seeing a valveless horn for the first time can be like finding a photo of Brahms from before he’d grown his beard: a feature we now consider characteristic hadn’t yet come to exist. Brahms’s own perspective was, of course, exactly the opposite. His first two attempts at beards were shaved off quickly – evidently, what seemed Brahmsian to him at the time was a smooth chin. And what seemed normal to him in a horn was valvelessness.”

Early Music and the Orient
Joel Cohen, artistic director of Camerata Mediterranea and former leader of the Boston Camerata, presents a mini-symposium to discuss the human commonality at the roots of Western and Eastern musical traditions. Also participating are Syrian-American Kareem Roustom, oud player and award-winning composer trained in Western music; Karim Nagi, a native Eyptian specializing in traditional Arabic music and dance; Anne Azéma, artistic director of the Boston Camerata; and Mehmet Sanlikol of Turkey, who, along with Azéma, is preparing a new program built around the legend of Alexander the Great.

Excerpt:  “…the early music world, particularly the Medieval segment of it, still is the arena for plenty of East-meets-West performance activity. There is even, perhaps, a sense of increased urgency in these projects and experiments. There is the urging of research and the promise of musical pleasure. But to this mix we add another call, that of the whole human conundrum in the post-2001 world.”

The 2010 EMA Guide to Workshops and Festivals
An exclusive listing of opportunities for early music education and entertainment taking place in North America and overseas.

Also in this issue:
Art Off the Beaten Track: The Picture Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna by Anthony Rowland Jones
Profile: “Early Music Podcasts from Lyrichord”

Plus Recording Reviews, Book Reviews, and Sound Bytes (news from the field).

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