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Full fathom fiveRobert JohnsonChicago Early Music Consort15094
ChaconnePurcell, HenryAnne Timberlake and Jeffrey Collier/Echoing Air15139
Sonata in D MajorFontanaCONCITATO15713
Rondeau from Suite in G minorMarais, MarinMusica Pacifica15740
Poi che rotto ha il amoreGiovanni GastoldiFolger Consort15864
Fantasia 1 in d minorPurcell, H.Les Voix humaines Consort15877
Allemande from Premiere Ste in D-majorHotteterre, Jacques MartinLes Inegales - Rodrigo Tarraza-Traverso, Petr Wagner V.d.Gamba, Christine Gevert-Hpschd15948
Canzona TerzaFrescobaldiCONCITATO16093
Full Fathom FiveMatthew Locke and Robert SmithThe Folger Consort16576
In paradisum - Antiphon Mode 7Gregorian chantHunter Hensley16657