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Les CoupletsSainte-ColombeLes Voix humaines23850
If ye love meThomas TallisPolyhymnia23803
Quia Respexit from MagnificatBach, Johann SebastianAmanda Jane Kelley23662
Like as the Doleful DoveTallis, ThomasFrances Conover Fitch23470
I am come into my gardenCrocker, RichardHunter Hensley23464
L'HarmonieuseD'Agincour, FrançoisRebecca Pechefsky, harpsichordist23434
There is a Lady, Sweet and Kind (live concert recording)Thomas FordMusic's Quill22728
Les RouladesSainte-ColombeLes Voix humaines22531
Tempesta di Mare - AllegroVivaldi, AntonioMusica Pacifica22434
Je vivroie liementMachaut, Guillaume deAage Nielsen (douçaine)22359