EMA Scholarships

    Early Music America currently offers the Scholarships to Summer Workshops and the Barbara Thornton Memorial Scholarship. EMA began awarding scholarships in 1998 for fulltime students to attend summer early music workshops in North America. Since then, we have awarded a total of 54 workshop scholarships to a variety of talented young singers and instrumentalists. Click here to read testimonials from past scholarship winners. (From Summer 2010; PDF file; 80KB )

    Summer Workshops Scholarships 

    Each year Early Music America offers scholarships to students at all levels of experience to support attendance at early music workshops in the United States and Canada. Click for more information on the application process

    2014 Recipients

    Level One Recipients
    Mariana Mevans Mariana Mevans
    Current school: Universidad de Sonora
    Workshop: Amherst Early Music Festival
    Michael Manning Michael Manning
    Current school: Princeton University
    Workshop: Baroque Academy, Amherst Early Music
    Arlan Vriens Arlan Vriens
    Current school: Memorial University of Newfoundland
    Workshop: Baroque Instrumental Programme/Baroque Instrumental Mentorship, Vancouver Early Music
    Level 2 Recipients
    Sallynee Amawat Sallynee Amawat
    Current school: McGill University
    Workshop: Baroque Instrumental Programme, Early Music Vancouver
    Amy Belknap Amy Belknap
    Current school: Greenville Technical College
    Workshop: Amherst Early Music Festival 
    Cynthia Black Cynthia Black
    Current school: Case Western Reserve University
    Workshop: Early Haydn Symphonies" and "Legacy of the Baroque, Vancouver Early Music
    Christopher Grills Christopher Grills
    Current school: Illinois Wesleyan University 
    Workshop: Amherst Early Music Festival 
    Joshua Romatowski Joshua Romatowski
    Current school: Cornish College of the Arts
    Workshop: Vancouver Early Music Festival 
    Corey Shotwell Corey Shotwell
    Current school: Cleveland Institute of Music
    Workshop: American Bach Soloists Academy 


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    Barbara Thornton Memorial Scholarship

    The Barbara Thornton Scholarship, named in honor of the singer, musicologist and founder of the medieval music ensemble Sequentia, is a $2,000 award offered every other year and goes to an outstanding and highly-motivated (and possibly unconventional) young performer of medieval music who seeks to widen his/her experience through more advanced study and/or auditions in Europe. Applicants should be citizens of the Americas who are under the age of 35 at the time of application, and should submit the following via email to Early Music America at info@earlymusic.org: a letter describing the proposed use of the scholarship, a resume and description of their background in medieval music, an MP3 file of a recent performance of medieval music in which they are featured, and a letter of recommendation from a principal teacher, ensemble director, or collegium musicum director. Please submit MS Word or PDF files. 

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