EMA Magazine-file supplementals

    Early Music America magazine occasionally will offer supplemental audio files and further reading based on published articles. Choose from the following links to find additional materials (supplied in reverse chronological order).

    Spring 2014 issue
    Click to view this year's listings of festivals and workshops. (PDF file, 2.7MB)

    Spring 2013 issue

    Supplemental files to Skillful Singing and the Prelude in Renaissance Italy
    by Grant Herreid

    Spring 2010 issue

    Supplemental files to Early Music and the Orient: An Update and a Mini-Symposium, 2010
    Introduced and moderated by Joel Cohen

    Summer 2009 issue
    Supplemental files to Parthenia Ventures Into New Music for Viols
    by David Glaser

    Spring 2009 issue
    Supplemental files to Thomas Linley: Mozart's Boyhood Rival
    by Patrick Wood


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