Early Music Degree Programs

    Early Music America provides this listing as a service to the field. While we aim to keep this list as up to date as possible, please contact the relevant institution for current information.

    Boston University
    Case Western University
    Claremont Graduate University
    Cornell University
    Cornish College of the Arts
    Duke University
    Eastman School of Music
    Florida State University
    Indiana University
    The Juilliard School
    Longy School of Music
    Mannes College
    McGill University

    New England Conservatory of Music
    Oberlin Conservatory of Music
    Peabody Conservatory of The Johns Hopkins University
    San Francisco Conservatory of Music
    SUNY Stony Brook
    University of Central Oklahoma
    University of Illinois
    Université de Montréal
    University of Michigan
    University of North Texas
    University of Oregon
    University of Southern California
    Yale University Institute of Sacred Music
    Yale University School of Music


    Boston University

    College of Fine Arts–School of Music, Department of Historical Performance, Peter Sykes, Chair

    Degrees Offered:
    M.M. in Historical Performance (2 years)
    D.M.A. in Historical Performance (4-7 years beyond M.M.)
    (B.M., M.M. and Ph.D. in Musicology are also offered.)

    Early Music Faculty:
    Baroque flute (Christopher Krueger)
    Recorder (Aldo Abreu)
    Baroque oboe (Marc Schachman)
    Baroque violin (Jane Starkman)
    Baroque violin (Marilyn McDonald)
    Baroque cello (Sarah Freiberg)
    Viola da gamba (Laura Jeppesen)
    Harpsichord, fortepiano, continuo (Peter Sykes)
    Baroque trumpet (Robinson Pyle)
    Resident Ensemble: Boston Baroque
    Artist in Residence: Martin Pearlman

    Peter Sykes, Chair, Department of Historical Performance
    College of Fine Arts, Music Division
    Boston University
    855 Commonwealth Avenue
    Boston , MA 02215

    Case Western Reserve University

    Department of Music, David A. Ake, Chair

    Degrees Offered:
    B.A. in Music, with full access to all Historical Performance ensembles and courses
    M.A. in Historical Performance Practice (2 years)
    D.M.A. in Historical Performance Practice (4 years)
    Ph.D. in Musicology with Specialization in Historical Performance Practice (5 years)
    Certificate in Early Music (for students at the Cleveland Institute of Music) (2 years)

    Early Music Faculty:
    Medieval and Renaissance performance practice (Ross W. Duffin)
    Baroque Performance Practice (Peter Bennett, Julie Andrijeski, Debra Nagy)
    Classical & Romantic Performance Practice (Francesca Brittan)
    Baroque chamber ensembles (Julie Andrijeski, Peter Bennett)
    Medieval and Renaissance ensembles (Debra Nagy, Ross W. Duffin)
    Baroque orchestra, historical dance (Julie Andrijeski)
    Associated musicology faculty (Georgia Cowart, Susan McClary, David Rothenberg)

    Visiting Artists for 2014-2015 (Ellen Hargis, voice; Catharina Meints, viola da gamba; René Schiffer, baroque cello; Patricia Halverson, viol consort; Jed Wentz, traverso)
    Instruction in other instruments by arrangement

    Ross W. Duffin
    Department of Music
    Case Western Reserve University
    Cleveland OH 44106-7105


    Claremont Graduate University

    Department of Music, Robert Zappulla, Chair

    Degrees Offered:
    D.M.A. in Historical Performance Practices, Performance, Composition
    M.A.in Music/Concentration in Historical Performance Practices

    Claremont Graduate University also offers a Ph.D. degree in Musicology, D.M.A. and M.A. degrees in Performance and Composition, and Doctor/Master of Church Music degrees.

    Early Music Faculty:
    Voice (Carol Lisek)
    Baroque violin/viola (M. Anne Rardin)
    Renaissance/Baroque flute/recorder (Janet Beazley)
    Natural trumpet (Raymond Burkhart)
    Harpsichord (Robert Zappulla)
    Lute/theorbo/guitar (Daniel Zuluaga)
    Viola da gamba/violone (Shanon Zusman)
    Fortepiano (Preethi de Silva)
    Musicology/Historical Performance Practices (Nancy van Deusen, Robert Zappulla)

    The performers listed above comprise C.G.U.'s resident early-music ensemble, Concordia Clarimontis (Robert Zappulla, Director). C.G.U. lists a number of other Associated and Studio faculty members in its bulletin and on its web site.

    Robert Zappulla, Chair, Department of Music
    Claremont Graduate University
    925 North Dartmouth Avenue
    Claremont , CA 91711

    Cornell University

    Department of Music, Rebecca Harris-Warrick, Chair
    Judith Peraino, Director of Graduate Studies

    Degrees Offered:
    D.M.A. in Performance Practice (3 years)
    (Ph.D. in Musicology also offered)

    Early Music Faculty:
    Fortepiano (Malcolm Bilson)
    Organ, harpsichord, clavichord (Annette Richards, David Yearsley)
    French Baroque music & dance (Rebecca Harris-Warrick)
    Medieval music (Judith Peraino)
    18th- and 19th-century music (James Webster)
    17th- & 18th-century music, Mozart (Neal Zaslaw)

    Judith Peraino
    Director of Graduate Studies
    Department of Music
    Cornell University
    Lincoln Hall
    Ithaca , NY 14853


    Cornish College of the Arts

    Music Department, Kent Devereaux, chair

    Degrees Offered:
    Post-graduate Artist Diploma in Early Music performance with a special focus on baroque opera. BMus in instrumental or vocal performance with an emphasis in early music.

    Early Music Faculty:
    Baroque cello (Nathan Whittaker)
    Baroque flute (Janet See)
    Baroque harp (Maxine Eilander)
    Baroque violin (Ingrid Matthews, Tekla Cunningham)
    Harpsichord (Byron Schenkman, Jillon Stoppels Dupree)
    Lute (Stephen Stubbs)
    Recorder (Vicki Boeckman)
    Renaissance & Baroque Dance (Anna Mansbridge)
    Trumpet & Cornetto (Kris Kwapis)
    Viola da gamba (Margriet Tindemans)
    Voice (Cyndia Sieden, Nancy Zylstra)

    Contact Person:
    Kent Devereaux, Chair
    Music Department
    Cornish College of the Arts
    1000 Lenora St
    Seattle, WA 98121

    Duke University

    Stephen Jaffe, Chair of Music Department
    Philip Rupprecht, Director of Graduate Studies

    Degree(s) Offered:
    A.M. in Performance Practice (students are expected to continue toward Ph.D. in Musicology)

    Early Music Faculty:
    Harpsichord, organ (Robert Parkins)
    Baroque/Classical Flute (Rebecca Troxler)
    Fortepiano (Randall Love)
    Voice (Penelope Jensen)
    Collegium Musicum (Karen Cook)

    Other performance faculty on an ad hoc basis
    Musicology: Medieval, Renaissance (Thomas Brothers, Kerry McCarthy)

    Robert Parkins

    Christy Reuss, Director of Graduate Studies Assistant
    Duke University Department of Music
    Box 90665
    Durham , NC 27708-0665

    Eastman School of Music

    Douglas Lowry, Dean

    Degrees Offered:
    M.M., D.M.A. in Early Music with Emphasis on Lute and Historical Plucked Instruments
    M.M., D.M.A. in Harpsichord & Historical Keyboards Diploma in Early Music 
    (M.A. and Ph.D. in Musicology are also offered)

    Early Music Faculty:
    Early Music Program Director, Lute (Paul O’Dette)
    Harpsichord & Organ Improvisation (Edoardo Bellotti)
    Early Keyboards (Kristian Bezuidenhout)
    Viola da gamba, Baroque chamber ensembles (Christel Thielmann)
    Baroque oboe (Geoffrey Burgess)

    Paul O’Dette
    Eastman School of Music
    26 Gibbs St.
    Rochester, NY 14604


    Florida State University

    College of Music, Don Gibson, Dean

    Degrees Offered:
    B.M. and M.M. in Harpsichord Performance
    M.M. and Ph.D. in Historical Musicology (with emphasis in early music)
    Certificate in Harpsichord Performance
    Certificate in Early Music

    Charles Brewer
    College of Music
    Florida State University
    Tallahassee , FL 32306-1180

    Indiana University

    Jacobs School of Music, Early Music Institute, Michael McCraw, Director

    Degrees Offered:
    B.M. in Early Music (Instrumental or Vocal)
    M.M. in Early Music (Instrumental or Vocal)
    D.M. in Early Music (Instrumental or Vocal)
    Also offered are Artist Diploma, Performer Diploma, and Visiting Student status.
    (M.A. and Ph.D. in Musicology are also offered.)

    Recorder (Michael McCraw)
    Traverso (Barbara Kallaur)
    Early Clarinet (Eric Hoeprich)
    Baroque & Classical bassoon (Michael McCraw)
    Cornetto (Kiri Tollaksen)
    Natural horn (Richard Seraphinoff)
    Violin (Stanley Ritchie)
    Viola da gamba, Medieval bowed strings (Wendy Gillespie)
    Lute (Nigel North)
    Harpsichord, Fortepiano (Elisabeth Wright)
    Voice (Paul Elliott)
    Cello (Christine Kyprianides)

    Sung Lee
    Early Music Institute
    Jacobs School of Music
    Indiana University
    Bloomington , IN 47405


    The Juilliard School

    Monica Huggett, Artistic Director

    Degrees Offered:
    M.M. in Historical Performance
    Graduate Diploma in Historical Performance

    Baroque Flute (Sandra Miller)
    Baroque Oboe (Gonzalo Ruiz)
    Baroque Bassoon (Dominic Teresi)
    Violin (Monica Huggett, Cynthia Roberts)
    Cello (Phoebe Carrai)
    Double Bass/Violone (Robert Nairn)
    Figured Bass (Arthur Haas)
    Harpsichord (Kenneth Weiss)
    Chamber Music Coach (Robert Mealy)

    Juilliard Admissions
    60 Lincoln Center Plaza
    New York, NY 10023-6590


    Longy School of Music

    Karen Zorn, President
    Wayman Chin, Dean of the Conservatory
    Frances Conover Fitch, Chair, Early Music

    Degrees Offered:
    Master of Music in Early Music Performance (2 years)
    Graduate Performance Diploma in Early Music (2 years)
    Artist Diploma in Early Music Performance (2 years)
    Master of Music with Emphasis in Historical Performance [Woodwinds, Brass, or Strings] (2 years)

    Early Music Faculty:
    Recorder (Sonja Lindblad-Wise)
    Renaissance winds (Daniel Stillman)
    Baroque flute (Na’ama Lion)
    Baroque oboe (Stephen Hammer)
    Baroque bassoon (Andrew Schwartz)
    Cornetto (Michael Collver)
    Natural horn (Jean Rife)
    Baroque violin (Dana Maiben, Kinloch Earle)
    Baroque cello (Phoebe Carrai)
    Viola da gamba (Jane Hershey)
    Violone, Bass (Anne Trout)
    Lute (Douglas Freundlich)
    Harpsichord (Frances Conover Fitch, James Nicolson, Peter Sykes)
    Fortepiano (Peter Sykes)
    Organ (Peter Sykes)
    Voice (Laurie Monahan)
    Historical dance (Ken Pierce)

    Visiting Faculty:
    Renaissance Theory (Sarah Mead)

    Alex Powell, Director of Admissions
    Longy School of Music
    One Follen Street
    Cambridge, MA 02138
    617-876-0956 x1521
    fax 617-876-9326

    Mannes College

    Joel Lester, Dean
    Mannes Extension Division
    David Tcimpidis, Director

    Degrees Offered:
    Extension Diploma in Historical Performance (Voice)
    Extension Diploma in Historical Performance (Instrumental)

    Early Music Faculty:
    Harpsichord (Arthur Haas, Gwendolyn Toth)
    Viola da gamba (Martha McGaughey)
    Lute (Grant Herreid)
    Notation, Recorder (Valerie Horst)
    Recorder (Anita Randolfi)
    Voice (Lois Winter)

    David Tcimpidis, Director, Extension Division
    Mannes College
    150 W. 85th St.
    New York, NY 10024
    212-580-0210, x 4825


    McGill University

    The Schulich School of Music, Sean Ferguson, Dean

    Degrees Offered:
    B.Mus. in Early Music Performance (4 years)
    B.Mus. with Honours in Early Music Performance (4 years)
    Licentiate in Music (L.Mus.), B.Mus.-level performance diploma program for advanced students available in early music instruments and voice (3 years)
    M.Mus. in Early Music Performance (2 years)
    Artist Diploma, M.Mus.-level performance diploma for advanced students in Early Music Performance (2 years)
    D.Mus. in Performance (Early Music instruments and voice) (3 years)
    (It is also possible to earn a B.Mus. in Music Theory or Musicology using an early instrument for the performance component. McGill also offers an M.A. and Ph.D. in Musicology.)

    Early Music Faculty:
    Recorder (Matthias Maute, Natalie Michaud)
    Baroque flute (Claire Guimond, Lena Weman)
    Baroque oboe (Matthew Jennejohn)
    Baroque bassoon (Mathieu Lussier)
    Cornetto, historic brass (Douglas Kirk, Matthew Jennejohn)
    Sackbut (Dominique Lortie)
    Baroque violin (Chantal Remillard, Hélène Plouffe)
    Baroque viola (Hélène Plouffe)
    Baroque 'cello (Susie Napper)
    Viola da gamba (Betsy MacMillan)
    Lute (Sylvain Bergeron)
    Harpsichord (Hank Knox)
    Continuo (Hank Knox)
    Improvisation (William Porter)
    Organ (Hans-Ola Ericsson, William Porter)
    Fortepiano (Tom Beghin)
    Voice (Valerie Kinslow, Sylvan Sanford)
    Renaissance Music, Performance Practice, Notation (Julie Cumming)
    Analysis of Early Music, Modal Counterpoint, and History of Theory (Peter Schubert)
    Eighteenth-century studies, Performance Practice (Tom Beghin, Lena Weman)

    Lena Weman, Chair
    Early Music Area
    Schulich School of Music
    McGill University
    555 Sherbrooke Street West
    Montréal, QC H3A 1E3 Canada
    514/398-4535 ext. 00279 

    New England Conservatory of Music

    Historical Performance Department, John Gibbons, Chair

    Degrees Offered:
    B.M. in Historical Performance (4 years)
    Undergraduate Diploma (3 years)*
    M.M. in Historical Performance
    Graduate Diploma (3 semesters)*
    D.M.A. in Historical Performance (2-3 years)
    Artist Diploma (2 years): a tuition-free program open by audition to unusually accomplished solo performers.
    *These degrees have more emphasis on performance.
    (B.M., M.M. and D.M.A. in Music History and Musicology are also offered)

    Early Music Faculty:
    Recorder (Aldo Abreu, John Tyson)
    Baroque flute (Christopher Krueger)
    Harpsichord (John Gibbons)

    John Gibbons, Chair
    Historical Performance Department
    New England Conservatory of Music
    290 Huntington Avenue
    Boston , MA 02115


    Oberlin College

    Conservatory of Music, Historical Performance Program, David Breitman, Director

    Degrees Offered:
    B.M. in Historical Performance (4 years)
    M.M. in Historical Performance (2 years)
    B.M. in a modern instrument and M.M. in Historical Performance (5 years) (students may audition for this program in their third year)
    Artist Diploma in Historical Performance (2 years)

    Early Music Faculty:
    Recorder, Baroque flute (Michael Lynn, Kathie Lynn Stewart)
    Recorder (Alison Melville)
    Baroque violin (Marilyn McDonald)
    Baroque cello, viola da gamba (Catharina Meints)
    Harpsichord (Webb Wiggins)
    Fortepiano (David Breitman)
    Organ (James David Christie)
    Lute (Michael Manderen)
    Collegium musicum, historical winds, research methods (Steven E. Plank)
    Performance practice (David Breitman)

    David Breitman, Director
    Historical Performance Program
    Oberlin College
    Conservatory of Music
    Oberlin , OH 44074
    fax 440/775-8942

    Peabody Conservatory of The Johns Hopkins University

    Early Music Program, Mark Cudek, Director

    Degrees Offered:
    B.M. in Performance (4 years)
    B.M. in Voice with a concentration in Early Music
    M.M. in Performance for early instruments and voice
    D.M.A. in Performance for harpsichord (other instruments pending)
    Performer’s Certificate for harpsichord (other instruments pending)
    Graduate Performance Diploma for early instruments and voice
    (M.M. in Musicology also offered)

    Peabody Renaissance Ensemble
    Baltimore Baroque Band
    Baroque Opera
    Renaissance & Baroque Chamber Music
    Recorder Consort
    Peabody Consort
    Viola da gamba Consort

    Early Music Faculty:
    Baroque flute, Recorder (Gwyn Roberts)
    Baroque flute (Colin St. Martin)
    Baroque oboe (Stephen Bard)
    Renaissance lute (Mark Cudek)
    Baroque lute, theorbo (Richard Stone)
    Baroque violin, viola (Risa Browder)
    Baroque cello, viola da gamba (John Moran)
    Harpsichord (Adam Pearl)
    Voice (Ah Hong, William Sharp)
    Organ (Donald Sutherland)
    Music history (Susan Weiss, Richard Giarusso, Andrew Talle)
    Music theory: Mark Janello
    Opera (JoAnn Kulesza)

    Contact: Mark Cudek, Director
    Early Music Program
    Peabody Conservatory
    Johns Hopkins University
    One East Mount Vernon Place
    Baltimore , MD 20212


    San Francisco Conservatory of Music

    Mary Ellen Poole, Dean

    Degrees Offered:
    B.M. in Harpsichord
    M.M. in Harpsichord
    Professional Studies Diploma in Historical Keyboards (a one-year program in harpsichord, and/or fortepiano, and/or continuo.)

    Early Music Faculty:
    Director, Harpsichord Instructor, Performance Practice Instructor, Co-Director Conservatory Baroque Ensembles (Corey Jamason)
    Baroque Cello and Viola da Gamba Instructor, Co-Director Conservatory Baroque Ensembles (Elisabeth Reed)
    Baroque Violin Emphasis: Elizabeth Blumenstock Historical Plucked Strings: Richard Savino

    Office of Admission
    San Francisco Conservatory of Music
    50 Oak Street
    San Francisco CA 94102-6011

    SUNY Stony Brook

    College of Arts & Sciences, Music Department, Perry Goldstein, Chair: Ryan Minor, Graduate Program Director.

    Degrees Offered:
    B.A., M.M. and D.M.A. in Harpsichord
    M.M. and D.M.A. on other early instruments available under certain circumstances; contact Arthur Haas for more information.

    Early Music Faculty:
    Harpsichord, Baroque Ensemble, Performance Practice seminar (Arthur Haas)
    Music history seminars on Baroque topics, Performance Practice seminar (Erika Honisch)
    Seminars on medieval and renaissance topics (Catherine Bradley)

    Arthur Haas
    SUNY Stony Brook
    Music Department
    3304 Staller Center
    Stony Brook, NY 11794-5475

    University of Central Oklahoma

    General Coordinator, Dr. Tess Remy-Schumacher
    School of Music director, Dr. Brian Lamb

    Degrees Offered:
    A minor in HPP is currently under development. Applied and academic classes are currently offered and can be taken as music electives for music majors

    Early Music Faculty:
    Academic Coordinator, Dr. Ted Honea
    Dr. Emily Butterfield: Baroque Flute
    KaDee Bramlett, Baroque Oboe
    Dr. John Clinton: Conductor
    Dr. Michael Geib: Baroque Bass
    Dr. Ted Honea: Musicology, Natural Horn
    Dr. Peggy Moran: Natural Horn
    Dr. Sallie Pollack: Harpsichord
    Dr. Ralph Morris: Baroque Violin and Viola
    Theodora Morris: Recorder and Baroque Violin
    Dr. Tess Remy-Schumacher: Baroque Cello and Musicology
    Natalie Syring: Baroque Flute
    Dr. Hong Zhu: Baroque Violin

    School of Music
    University of Central Oklahoma
    100 N. University Drive
    Edmond, OK 73034

    University of Illinois

    School of Music, Jeff Magee, Director

    Degrees Offered:
    B.M. in Organ and Harpsichord
    M.M. in Organ and Harpsichord
    D.M.A. in Organ and Harpsichord

    Early Music Faculty:
    Harpsichord, continuo (Charlotte Mattax)
    Organ (Dana Robinson)

    Music Admissions Office
    School of Music
    University of Illinois
    1114 W. Nevada St.
    Urbana, IL 61801

    Université de Montréal

    Faculté de musique

    Degrees Offered:
    B.Mus. Interprétation [performance*] (3 years)
    M.Mus. Interprétation (3 semesters)
    D.E.S.S. Interprétation (1 year)
    D.Mus. Interprétation (3-5 years)
    *all degrees are in early instruments or keyboards
    (Université de Montréal also offers a B.Mus., M.A., and Ph.D. in Musicology)

    Early Music Faculty:
    Recorder (Francis Colpron)
    Baroque flute (Grégoire Jeay)
    Baroque oboe (Matthew Jennejohn)
    Baroque violin (Olivier Brault)
    Viola da gamba (Margaret Little)
    Lute, baroque guitar (Sylvain Bergeron)
    Organ, harpsichord (Réjean Poirier)
    Voice (Suzie LeBlanc)
    Music history (Marie-Alexis Colin)
    Oratorio seminars (Mark Pedrotti)
    Baroque ensembles (Margaret Little, Réjean Poirier)

    Réjean Poirier
    Faculté de musique
    Université de Montréal
    Case Postale 6128, succ. Centre-ville
    Montréal , QC H3C 3J7


    University of Michigan

    School of Music, Theatre & Dance, Christopher Kendall, Dean

    Degrees Offered:
    MMus in Harpsichord, Fortepiano, or Early Keyboard Instruments
    DMA in Harpsichord Performance
    BMus in Musicology, Early Music Major
    PhD in Musicology with Historical Emphasis

    Early Music Faculty:
    Harpsichord and Director of Early Music Ensembles (Joseph Gascho)
    Organ (James Kibbie, Kola Owolabi)
    Fortepiano (Penelope Crawford)
    Baroque Violin (Aaron Berofsky)
    Baroque Cello, Viola da gamba (Enid Sutherland)
    18th-c. Music Theory (Wayne Petty, Judith Petty)
    Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Musicology (James Borders, Stefano Mengozzi, Louise Stein)

    Joseph Gascho
    School of Music, Theatre & Dance
    University of Michigan
    Ann Arbor , MI 48109-2085

    University of North Texas

    College of Music, James Scott, Dean

    Degrees Offered:
    M.M. in Musicology with a concentration in Early Music Performance (2-3 years)
    Ph.D in Musicology with a concentration in Early Music Performance
    M.A. in vocal performance with a concentration in Early Music Performance
    B.M., M.M. and D.M.A. in harpsichord performance
    B.M. in Music History may use early instruments as their concentration.
    Related field (Minor) in Early Music for M.M. and D.M.A. degrees
    Artist Certificate in early instruments

    Early Music Faculty:
    Baroque flute (Lee Lattimore)
    Recorder and Baroque oboe (Kathryn Montoya)
    Baroque violin and viola (Cynthia Roberts)
    Baroque cello (Allan Whear)
    Baroque oboe (Kathryn Montoya)
    Baroque bassoon (Keith Collins)
    Natural trumpet (Adam Gordon)
    Natural horn (William Scharnberg)
    Harpsichord, fortepiano (Petra Somlai)
    Viola da gamba (Allan Whear)
    Voice (Richard Croft, Jennifer Lane)
    Sackbut, viola da gamba, recorder (graduate assistants)
    Medieval and Renaissance Music (Benjamin Brand)
    Renaissance and Baroque Performance Practices (Paul Leenhouts)
    Ornamentation and improvisation; Directing Early Music Ensembles (Paul Leenhouts)
    Baroque and Classical performance practices
    Baroque Music from the " New World" (Bernardo Illiari)
    Collegium Singers (Richard Sparks)

    Paul Leenhouts
    Director of Early Music
    College of Music
    University of North Texas
    1155 Union Circle #311367
    Denton , TX 76203-4917


    University of Oregon

    Brad Foley, Dean

    Degrees Offered:
    Ph.D., D.M.A., supporting area in Historical Performance Practice
    (Focusing on academic aspects such as rhetoric, treatise study,
    history of performance practice, art and music history, etc.)

    Early Music Faculty:
    Baroque cello (Marc Vanscheeuwijck)
    Voice (Eric Mentzel)
    Baroque bassoon (Steve Vacchi)
    Basso Continuo (Margret Gries)
    Natural horn (Lydia Van Dreel)

    Marc Vanscheeuwijck
    1225 University of Oregon
    Eugene, OR 97403-1225

    University of Southern California

    Thornton School of Music, Robert Cutietta, Dean

    Degrees Offered:
    M.A. in Music with Emphasis in Early Music Performance (2 years)
    D.M.A. in Early Music Performance (3 years)
    Graduate Certificate in Early Music Performance (2 years)
    (M.A. and Ph.D. in Musicology are also offered)
    Scholarships available for strings, winds and voice.
    Regular performing ensembles include:
    The Thornton Baroque Sinfonia
    The USC Collegium Musicum
    The USC Baroque Oboe Band
    The USC Alta Capella

    Early Music Faculty:
    Recorder (Rotem Gilbert)
    Renaissance double reeds (Adam Gilbert)
    Baroque oboe (Paul J. Sherman)
    Baroque bassoon, curtal (Charles Koster)
    Baroque violin, viola (Elizabeth Blumenstock & Sue Feldman)
    Baroque cello, viols (William Skeen)
    Viola da gamba and Baroque bass (Shanon Zusman)
    Harpsichord (Lucinda Carver - adm. by Keyboard Dept.)
    Voice (Karen Clark)
    Musicology: Medieval (Adam Gilbert, 15th century)
    Musicology: Renaissance through early Baroque (Adam Gilbert, Rotem Gilbert)
    Musicology: Baroque (Bruce Brown, Rotem Gilbert)
    Musicology: High Baroque through Classical (Bruce Brown)
    Performance Practice (Rotem Gilbert)

    Adam Gilbert
    Director, Early Music Performance Program
    Thornton School of Music
    University of Southern California
    Los Angeles , CA 90089-0851

    Yale University Institute of Sacred Music

    Yale Institute of Sacred Music, Martin D. Jean, Director

    Degrees Offered:
    M.M in Voice: Oratorio, Early Music, Art Song, and Chamber Ensemble
    Additional degree options after 2 years
    Full tuition scholarships for two years plus additional awards for all singers
    Numerous opportunities for solo work with the Yale Schola Cantorum and elsewhere

    Principal Faculty:
    James Taylor, Program Coordinator, Oratorio and Voice
    David Hill, Yale Schola Cantorum
    Masaaki Suzuki, Yale Schola Cantorum
    Judith Malafronte, vocal coach, performance practice
    Ted Taylor, vocal coach, art song

    Yale University School of Music  

    Robert L. Blocker, Dean
    Melvin Chen, Associate Dean

    Degrees Offered:
    M.M. and M.M.A. in harpsichord
    Additional degree options after 2 years
    Full tuition scholarships for two years
    Performance opportunities with Yale's Baroque String Quartet in Residence
    Possibilities of practice and performance at the Yale Collection of Musical Instruments

    Principal Faculty:
    Arthur Haas - Harpsichord
    Robert Mealy - Baroque violin and chamber music

    Office of Admissions - Lily Sutton, Director
    Yale School of Music
    P.O. Box 208246
    New Haven, CT 06520-8246
    Tel 203/432-1965