Early Music by EMA Members

TitleComposerPerformerPeriod of Music
The Self Banished Dr. John Blow Purcell, HenrySteven Rickards/Echoing Air
Love's Goddess Sure Purcell, HenryNathan Medley/Echoing Air
Many, Many Such Days Purcell, HenryEchoing Air
Begli Occhi live 5/2010 Barbara StrozziCappella Clausura, Kimberly Sizer, sop:Laura Betinis, mezzo: Catherine Liddell, guitar
Quis Dabit Mihi - live 5/2010 Barbara StrozziCappella Clausura
Amidst the Shades PurcellSteven Paul Spears and Ho-jeong Jeong
Adagiati, Poppea...Oblivion soave MonteverdiSteven Paul Spears and Cathy Kutsky
Chaconne "Two in one upon a ground" Purcell, HenryColumbia Baroque Soloists
Gigue in Bb Major Lauffensteiner, WolffDaniel Shoskes
Passacaglia in D Major Reusner, EsaiasDaniel Shoskes